New improved CelluliteRx® products are formulated with all natural ingredients and fresh beautiful scents. CelluliteRx® recognized worldwide as the #1 cellulite treatment! Your cellulite-free lifestyle starts with CelluliteRx®!


3 Steps, 3 Minutes, 3 Weeks for a smoother, youthful body that radiates health and beauty.

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LipoSmooth Body Polish

exfoliates surface skin cells to soften and improve skin texture

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LipoTherm Contour Cream

improves skin smoothness diminishing the dimpled appearance of cellulite

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LipoLift Firming Lotion

hydrates and firms the skin creating a more youthful appearance for the body

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How to Use CelluliteRx

CelluliteRx® offered by Institut’ DERMed Body is a collection of cosmeceutical, corrective body care treatment products.

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“With so many cellulite products available in the market and having many of them tried, I do believe there are products that work – one of them is CelluliteRx. I saw the reduction of cellulite after 10 days of usage and it was REALLY VISIBLE reduction.”

Dominika 2015

“I love LipoSmooth for exfoliating, the fragrance is nice and it really polishes the skin.

Then after showering (or bath) I apply the Lipotherm and wow, the heat and flush are very obvious, the fragrance is very nice. I use this about once a week on cellulite spots. The product I use the most is Lipolift, I use it almost daily after shower on all parts of my body, not just areas with cellulite, such as arms and neck. The new formula is fantastic, the new fragrance is just divine!”

Gabrielle 2015